Advisory Board



Most of the board members at the February 2014 meeting

Alice Ammerman, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Timothy Carville, Zone Manager, Second Shift Housekeeping

Molly DeMarco, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Nancy Easterling, North Carolina Botanical Garden

Olga Baza, UNC Housekeeping, First Shift

Christina Lebonville, Psychology, Employee Forum Delegate

Greta Lee, Retired UNC Employee, Master Gardener

Joanna Lelekacs, Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS), CCCG Landscape Architect

Claire Lorch, CCCG Education Coordinator

Arlene Medder, Auxiliary Enterprises, Employee Forum Delegate

John O’Sullivan, CEFS, Agricultural and Technical State University, Neighbor

John Powers, Undergraduate Junior at UNC

Myra Shaw, UNC Housekeeping, Third Shift

Linden Thayer, Doctoral Student in Nutrition

Diane Webster, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

Corey Buhay, Undergraduate Sophomore at UNC, CCCG Communications Intern

Monique Medina, CCCG Social Media Intern, not pictured